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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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 The congregation at Mount Vernon United Methodist is a warm and welcoming group-- eager to meet you and excited about worship.  Come visit and see for yourself how God is working in our church and in our lives.  We think you'll agree that the "UMCMV" is a pretty amazing place to be!


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Thoughts from Pastor Becky,

What a delight it was to hear from Pastor Lee Schott last week! Pastor Schott ministers to the women who are part of the congregation of Women At The Well United Methodist Church located in the Mitchellville Women’s Prison.

When Pastor Schott referred to the membership commitment vows many of us have made as covenant partners with the United Methodist Church (where we vow to participate with the church . . .and with God . . . by our prayers, presence, gifts, service & witness) I couldn’t help but look around at the many empty pews and recall an excerpt I recently read from an online ministry blog ……..

Where does God go for summer vacation? A little girl I know pondered that same question not too long ago. Sarah loved Sunday School; she went every Sunday. She liked being in church with her parents… but when summer came- it would all end!

Why wasn't there church? Why wasn't there any Sunday School? Where did her friends go? She really was concerned. She wondered why the choir stopped singing on Sundays. Even worse, she wondered why there wasn't church in the summer… when in actuality, her parents would just stop going to church in the summer!

The summer was their "time off". Time to lounge in the sun. Time to plan family vacations and weekends away. It was time to concentrate on rest and relaxation. But for Sarah, it was strange not to go to church, see her friends, or be with God.

On the day that her family piled into the station wagon to visit their grandmother, Sarah asked her mother, "Mom, where does God go for summer vacation? "

Her mother chuckled at the question, and told her God doesn’t go on vacation. Sarah wondered, "Why don't we go to church then? Why isn't there any Sunday School? Why don't I get to see my church friends?"

Her parents weren't really prepared to deal with questions like this! What could they say? After all, God wasn't on vacation… they were! Imagine her parents' surprise when they realized their little daughter had "stumped them." They just didn’t know how to answer her question. But what was really great was that they were worried enough about it to look for an answer!

Until now, her parents thought: Church was only a 2-hour responsibility on various Sunday mornings. For Sarah though, it was a different story. She lived what she learned. Church wasn't just an obligation for her. No way! In fact, it was a way of living… a way of being! -Excerpt taken from Where Does God Go for Summer Vacation?

I dream of a day in the midst of summer when the choir sings, the Sunday School rooms are full and the church pews are packed! I dream of a day when we not only desire to fulfill the covenant vows we’ve made to this church, but find ourselves so in love with the Lord we simply can’t fathom a “vacation” from worship!

As you enter the height of summer vacation and time away from your normal routine, may God renew and refresh your spirit and remind you daily that God never takes a summer vacation time away from loving you ~

Pastor Becky